What’s on my mind? Today it’s the Raglite

By January 28, 2015On Sylvia's Mind

While getting my website ready to launch, I needed to shoot some “standup videos” and reached out to my friends Lori Allen and Chad Soderholm. They are my fun married couple friends and former film people from back in the day. Lori is also a successful still photographer with Lori Allen Photo Designs. She and her hubby have teamed up with their new invention called Raglite. It’s an amazing simple lighting system that made me think, “why hasn’t someone come up with this idea before?”

I’m used to lugging around these huge light boxes to make sure our videos look the best they possibly can.

IMG_5428Take a look at these. They are literally lights on a so-called rag that you roll out and light up when you need them. And wow, are they bright!!! And, when you’re done, roll it up and call it a day.

Right now film crews in Chicago are using them for TV shows such as Chicago Fire, Chicago PD and a new upcoming show with Dennis Leary.

This isn’t just for people in the media industry. Raglite can be beneficial to people who work with their hands such as carpenters, plumbers, or the weekend mechanic repairing his car.

But here’s what I love the most. Lori and Chad have a goal to “light the world.” They say their ultimate vision is to supply lights to the 1.3 billion people around the world without electricity through their Love&Lite Foundation.  I love them.

Take a look. I think it’s a brilliant idea.

For what it’s worth, it’s what’s on my mind.

Sylvia Perez

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