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Is it Bread basketsummer yet? I mean weather wise. You wouldn’t know it in Chicago. We’ve had so much rain there hasn’t been a chance to really enjoy the outdoors. But that’s not stopping me from bringing you number two in my list of must go-to-outdoor dining spots. It’s all part of my Supper With Sylvia Series. These are not listed in priority of their deliciousness. I find them all to be equally amazing.


And here it goes, number two:Balsamic Vinegar Picolo Sogno. The name means “little dream”. It’s a delicious Italian restaurant in Chicago with an outdoor patio like no other. Can you say Enchanted Forest? Because that’s what this reminds me of. It’s located right by a busy city street. The patio is enclosed so you would never know there are angry drivers just outside trying to frantically get to their destinations.



The food is delicious. Expect nothing less from star Chef Tony Priolo.

It’s rustic Italian food with great service and a friendly staff. There are so many tasty options to start with. You can’t go wrong with the antipasti’s or pizza. You probably don’t hear this too often but save room for the bread basket. It’s even better when served with the best balsamic vinegar you have ever tasted.

The Balsamic vinegar is bottled for the restaurant and imported from Italy. I could literally drink it straight out of the  small container it comes in. I always buy some before I leave the restaurant.  This is where I learned nothing beats high quality balsamic vinegar. It’s worth the extra expense.


piccolosognopappardelleAs far as Pastas go my favorites are the Four Cheese Ravioli Piccolo Sogno and the Pappardelle Con Cinghiale.

Its this wide flat pasta with spiced wild boar ragu. Yum! My mouth waters just thinking about it. The seafood can be quite delicious too. The fish stew is always a hit along with the white fish that they usually filet table side.


Ravioli Picolo SognoFood Images


picolosognonighttime picolo night timeBut combine all that great food with the outdoor seating garden and you are set up to have one of the most enjoyable, romantic dinners alfresco ever. Especially when the sun goes down and the lights go on. My husband and I always go there for our August Anniversary and it never disappoints.


So if your looking for great rustic Italian food, in an enchanted forest in the heart of the city, look no more. And while you’re there, enjoy their amazing wine list. If you’re not familiar with Italian wines, no worries. They will steer you in the right direction.

For what it’s worth, Piccolo Sogno and alfresco dining are What’s on My Mind.  Gotta go make my next reservation right now.  Where are you eating this weekend?

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