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The weather has been so nice lately I want to sit outside every day. My latest Supper with Sylvia Series brings me to the JParker at the Lincoln Hotel.


j-parkerMany Chicagoans are already familiar with the excellent restaurant IN the hotel, Perennial Virant, but maybe you’ve never taken the elevator to the rooftop.


jparkerviewThe view is spectacular. It overlooks Lincoln Park and Lake Michigan. I may be a little late to the game, no surprise, it’s been open for 3 years now and the place is hopping. We decided to do a friends birthday party here and it was standing room only. Fortunately, we had a beautiful sectional reserved just for us.


IMG_7516Once you get over the spectacular view, it’s time to tackle the drinks and the menu.  Here’s one thing I have learned in visiting these rooftop bars, they all seem to have similar traits. The menu’s are limited. It’s about the view, cocktails, the social crowd and the appetizers, in that order. Oh, and by the way, the view is often reflected in the high cost of food and drink so don’t be surprised.  JParker is definitely where the young and hip hang out, which I am not and if you’re not, I still think it’s definitely worth going at least once.


We pretty much ordered one of every food item on the menu but I have to tell you the pork sliders were the best.We all made faces and food noises after we took our first bite.

The West Loop Salumi platter and the french fries were also pretty tasty. I took pictures but unfortunately we ate most of the food before I did that.

They have a big selection of liquor, beer and wine and a nice variety of seasonal cocktails. I had the “Feelin Good” which I did and it was tasty.

For dessert, a selection of cookies, the perfect ending. Most women don’t want to admit they eat, let alone eat dessert, so cookies were a great “one small bite” option. I have to admit we kept passing the plate around and taking little corner pieces and by the end I’m sure we had all eaten at least two whole ones by ourselves. Ha!

Okay, so JParker definitely gets a thumbs up. Go early or prepare to wait.  Dining al fresco is What’s on My Mind.

Are there any Al Fresco dining spots you want to recommend?

Let me know. Summer is almost over and I want to try them all.

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