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Chicago is one of the greatest restaurant cities around. Everyone who knows me also knows that one of my favorite pastimes is trying out all the new restaurants in my beautiful city. Because of this people are always asking me where they should eat next. I am armed with a list full of suggestions and when I’m in doubt I reach out to my biggest and coolest foodie friend for advice.


So with that in mind, I’m going to devote some of my blog to restaurants I have tried and loved. And because it’s summer I’m going to do my favorite summer restaurant thing and start featuring outdoor patio restaurants. Let me add I have no connection to these restaurants or ulterior motive. I am not an investor I just love dining out.


So here goes number one. Chicago Cut.

It’s not new and I have been there so many times I can’t even count. On a beautiful summer day, there’s nothing better than sitting on the patio overlooking the river and watching the boats and the canoes go by while the breeze blows in your face. You have an amazing view of the city, water and the skyline. It’s just breathtaking. Here’s a couple of shots I have taken while sitting outside and you’ll know why I love this place.




I was just there last week. Oh, I forgot to mention the food. That’s kind of important. It’s good. Everyone goes there for the steak of course.



And it’s delicious, though not cheap.  I love the avocado and crab appetizer to start. The restaurant is usually packed. Honestly, the inside is usually a little too tight and loud for my liking but that’s because it’s so popular they have to keep adding more tables.


You will rarely see me sitting inside but if you try Chicago Cut and sit outside by the river I’ll be the one with a smile on her face enjoying the summer breeze and a nice light Rosé.  For what it’s worth, Chicago Cut and alfresco dining is what’s on my mind.


Do you have a favorite outdoor place for lunch or dinner that you love and I should try? Let me know no matter where you live.


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