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Did you know there are more than 1.5 million non-profit organizations registered in the U.S? If you work for one of them you know it can be tough to make your company stand out. How can you get a potential donor to relate to your special cause when there are so many non-profits out there vying for attention? It isn’t easy. But there is one thing that any non-profit can do to reach out and connect to more people and that’s to tell their personal story. The best way to do that is by using videos.


Obviously, I have a vested interest in videos since it’s one of the services my company offers but here’s proof. According to Google, 75% of donors name online videos as a tool for researching an organization’s impact. Those videos, if done right, can emotionally engage your audience in a way that reading or speaking about it cannot.


As a journalist, whenever you are covering a story, it’s important to get the experts to comment. But more important than those so-called experts are the people who are impacted. For example, if I’m doing a story about someone who came down with West Nile Virus, I need to interview a doctor who is an expert in this area. But when I get the interview with the person who came down with the illness, that’s when I really get my audiences attention. I’ve come up with a face behind the illness, a first hand account that engages, connects and gets my viewers hooked in because they are moved or can relate.

It’s the same thing with videos for fundraising. You can have all the experts, the CEO, the chair of your event come up and speak about how important your cause is but it won’t have the same affect as the people who are impacted. I’m talking about those who have benefited from your charity and can give their first hand account of what a difference it made for them.

 The video also solves another problem. I have found most people don’t like speaking live in public so the best alternative is to have them interviewed on camera so they can tell their story in a short, concise video that is self contained and controlled. The goal? That video should engage, inspire and motivate your audience to donate to your cause.

 Charities-Non-Profits-Free-Membership-1Most non-profits don’t budget for these videos but they should. The return on the investment will be impressive. But if spending money on one video is all your non profit can afford, then make sure it’s done right. An “evergreen” video that can be used year round can help a company get its money’s worth.  It can be used multiple times at fundraisers, on a website landing page, all social media, Facebook, Twitter and Linked In and also for digital marketing.

Some organizations rely on one or two fundraisers a year to make up their budget. But a video can be used year round to generate non-stop income.

One way is mobile fundraising. According to marketing research from a company called Frontstream, participants who use mobile technology to fundraise a campaign raise nearly three times more than those who do not. So using video marketing  can direct visitors to your online donation form which can have a big impact on your fundraising efforts.


Bottom line, it’s about connecting to your audience, making a call to action and motivating people to act. A compelling video can make all the difference and convince donors that it’s worth it to invest in your cause. Putting a human face on your accomplishments is key and showing people what you are going to do and how their donation can help, can also help your company reach it’s fundraising goals.

Do you work with a non profit that has taken advantage of video marketing or any creative fundraising techniques? If so, let me know.

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