He fought for his country, almost lost his life and 10-years and more than 8-surgeries later he still struggles with Traumatic Brain Injury, PTSD and more surgeries to come.

Nick Mapson

I first met Nick Mapson last fall while working on my on-going series on how being in the military affects servicemen and women and their families. It’s called Homeland Heroes Tragedy to Triumph. I never expected the phone call I received from him last week telling me he and his family were on the verge of losing their home for the second time.


The story is below.  There’s also a link on my Facebook page Sylvia Perez Productions and Twitter SylviaPerezProd. (can you tell I want you to watch it)

You’ll be impressed, inspired and hopefully you can help me spread the word and “share” his story. If there’s one thing I’ve learned while covering these stories is that we as Americans need to remember the sacrifice our men and women in the volunteer service make. So many of them paid a devastating price and they still need our support. It’s long term support. That’s because it can include years of rehab, recovery and mental health issues that need to be treated.

We can’t turn our backs on them after everything they’ve done. That’s what happened to so many Vietnam vets. But we know better now. Or, at least we should. I think the same holds true today. Let’s NEVER forget what they’ve done and never think twice about giving them the help they need.

PS Don’t forget to watch his story.


You can help Nick by donating to the Disabled Patriot Fund here





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