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If someone called you a brat, chances are you’d be insulted. It may seem like a derogatory word describing a spoiled child. But no, there is another definition. One that fills those who proudly call themselves “brat” with a sense of pride and patriotism.


Behind the scenes of my interview with author Michael Joseph Lyons

They are the children of career military personnel. I’m one of them, an “army brat.” So imagine how excited I was when approached by a fellow brat to do a video trailer for a new book called Brat and the Kids of Warriors. The author is army brat and former army officer Michael J. Lyons.

Michael Joseph Lyons

Author Michael Joseph Lyons

Michael’s new book is geared toward young adult readers. It’s the first in a series of four novels. Brat is the story of Jack McMasters and his two sisters who get stationed in post-war Germany when his father is sent to the 4th Armored Division.  The year is 1957. Here’s part of the description on his website:

Longing to make his father proud and become the worthy kid of a warrior, he struggles to adapt to this new culture. Jack musters a small band of brats and together they create their own grand adventures on and off the base. But the play turns serious when they accidentally come across a Communist spy, one they can’t prove exists. Jack realizing he must somehow convince the adults there is indeed a spy who represents a real threat to the 4th Armored Division. As the story concludes the 3,000 enemy tanks routinely pointed at them from the other side of the Iron Curtain seem anything but routine.


Michael Joseph Lyons and his sisters stationed in Germany

The book is an exciting look at life growing up in a military family. It’s fiction, based on fact. The reader will get the chance to go behind the scenes of life on the move, serving your country. The strict rules, the demands, the sacrifice of military first and the feeling of unbridled patriotism.

Brat and the Kids of Warriors (released July 15, 2017) can be ordered on Lyons’ website.


1LT Michael Joseph Lyons up on the Iron Curtain with V Corp in 1975

In the meantime, take a look at the video trailer to give you a sneak peak of this military adventure. Being a brat automatically puts you in a members only club and this will give non brats a chance to see what life is all about.

Are you a military brat? Reach out and share your story. I’m always interested in connecting with another brat.



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