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By June 3, 2015Sylvia's Blog

They say the first step in curing an addiction is admitting to it.  So here it goes. Okay! I am an Internet Addict. Or am I? You know how sometimes you have this bad habit that you clearly know about but keep doing? Then someone you love tells you it’s time to stop.


Last week my 19 year daughter said “Mom, you are on line too much. You need to learn to live in the moment.” It’s pretty bad when your 19 year old gives you a reality check. I’m supposed to be teaching her, not the other way around right? But I know when I’m wrong.  According to my INTERNET research, (haha) …”an internet or computer addiction is the excessive use of the former or the latter.” Maybe I’m not a full fledged addict but I fear I could be heading down that road.

So I’ve decided to work on it. One of the worst things that ever happened to me was getting email access 24-7. How I long for the days that I didn’t see email until I signed on to my work computer for the day. That meant I had no access from the moment I got home at night until the minute I walked into my office the next morning. Now I find myself constantly checking in to answer  immediately and people are expecting instant replies.

Internet CircleSlashSo as of this week when I’m with friends or family, I’m making a concerted effort to turn off the internet. No more iphone, iPad or laptop. I’m telling you this because I need to be checked. I told my youngest daughter when we all come home, we will be leaving our electronics by the front door. She looked at me and laughed saying, “We will never do that Mom. We don’t follow through.”

Oh yeah! It sounds like I am being tested. So now I am ready to face the challenge. If you email, call or text me, just know I probably won’t be getting back to you immediately because I’m trying out my new policy. I’m not completely giving it all up.  I am just trying to pace myself and “live in the moment.”

I’m surprised this happened to me because I’m usually all about enjoying life to the fullest, stopping to smell the roses. I usually do this, it’s just that lately before I took a whiff of the rose I had to check my email and social media first. Today, I pledge to reverse that. Do you want to join me? It would really help me out. Then I won’t feel guilty when I don’t respond to you right away.

Am I the only one who is dealing with this? Have you tried to “unplug?” If so let me know what you did. I’m open
for any tips. #livinginthemoment

Sylvia Perez

About Sylvia Perez

Sylvia Perez is an Emmy Award winning broadcast journalist, news and health reporter, and major market anchor. Her expertise in revealing the personal side of headline stories and drawing their impact into “news you can use” viewership is now the foundation of Sylvia Perez Productions, a multi-faceted company specializing in video production and event planning for non-profits.


  • Tim Gruskovak says:

    Well Sylvia I seem to have the same problem ….every morning I’m checking my mail …Facebook and making sure I go to every game I have to collect my daily bonus coins …. I have realized I spend the first part of my day each day doing this checking before I start my day ….thank goodness I don’t work but still I really don’t do anything productive until the earliest 1:00 pm ….. I need to power down also ….let’s see how we both do ….good luck ???

    • Sylvia Perez Sylvia Perez says:

      Hi Tim,
      It’s been difficult but i think it’s working. I”m still not perfect but getting there. Good luck and keep me posted. Sylvia

  • Stacia Crawford says:

    Good for you, Sylvia. You are on the right track. I make a point to unplugged at least one full day each week. It gives me time to work, enjoy my hobbies, and spend time with my family without interruptions from incessant texts, calls, and emails. It was difficult at first, now I look forward to those disconnected days, and I feel more liberated than ever. It also prevents me from recording and photographing everything with my smartphone. Here’s to living in the moment.

    • Sylvia Perez Sylvia Perez says:

      It’s really funny, because now I’m checking my kids all the time. They are sorry they ever brought this up. LOL! Hope you are well. Great to hear from you.

  • Steven Neely says:

    I struggle with the fact that everyting we do is via the internet. Work, banking, research etc.. You name it there is an online presence. I have the need to be online most of the day. My breaks from the online world is during workouts, biking, golfing and other non computer activities. Its easy to fall in the online trap. I’m going to start tracking my online activity, but I’m sure it will show my addition.
    Good luck Sylvia


    • Sylvia Perez Sylvia Perez says:

      Thanks for your input Steven. I found myself getting back to my old habit this week and had to check myself. I think it’s definitely easier said than done. I spend a lot of time on the computer also. It’s that darn iPhone with all the email and social media access that’s killing me. Good luck to you too.

  • Angie says:

    Silvia !! Always make time for yoga & family / miss you on channel 7, I don’t even tune into that channel anymore ? Weird..! I’m glad to see you up & going again always Angie

    • Sylvia Perez Sylvia Perez says:

      Thank you Angela for the kind words. I don’t watch it anymore either.LOL!But still great friends and have dinner regularly with some of them. They were family. Especially Linda. We try to see each other for dinner two or three times a month. Thank you for reaching out. Sylvia

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