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By September 26, 2016Sylvia's Blog

I’m baaaack! On TV that is. Excited to announce that I will be back on Chicagoland TV with FOX 32 News beginning in October.

When I left TV news in 2013, I knew I wasn’t done telling stories. That’s why I started my own production company to produce stories that people would be interested in and really care about. I am so excited to be able to continue to do that now on a larger platform with FOX 32 News.

Whether it be medical, consumer or human interest, I want to do stories that will have a social impact and that viewers will be interested in watching.

FOX 32 logoA perfect fit for me

I’m thrilled that FOX 32 is giving me the opportunity to get back to Chicago viewers, and even more excited to work with News Director Matt Piacente and Assistant News Director Todd Woolman. They are two people I have the utmost respect for and have had the pleasure of working with in the past. Many people in that newsroom are already friends of mine. They are all professionals and very good at what they do, and I look forward to coming on board and joining the FOX 32 News Team.

What makes this even better is I will continue to do stories for non-profits and my speaking engagements as part of my company, Sylvia Perez Productions. I have worked hard over the past few years to build this company. In fact, my news interview series, “Heavy Hitters” will continue, as well.

Storytelling is a lifelong passion

But ever since I was 10-years old, I knew I wanted to be a journalist. I remember watching reporters on the air and asking my brother what I had to do to become one of them. It’s all I ever wanted to do, and it’s the only job I’ve ever known. I feel blessed that I have been able to do this and now so lucky that FOX has decided to bring me on board.

When I left ABC7 three years ago last week, I told myself, the business has changed a lot and the only way I would allow myself to get back in, would be to work for good people in a good newsroom — and now it’s happening.

This opportunity has come along at the perfect time and I can’t wait to get in there and get started.

My duties at FOX 32

My new job role will be weekend morning anchor and special projects reporter three days a week.

If you are in Chicago, I know you are used to watching me at another station. I hope you will tune in or watch FOX 32 online. I know that there are a lot of stations to choose from but who knows, maybe you’ll like what you see. Change can be good for us all.

Sylvia Perez

About Sylvia Perez

Sylvia Perez is an Emmy Award winning broadcast journalist, news and health reporter, and major market anchor. Her expertise in revealing the personal side of headline stories and drawing their impact into “news you can use” viewership is now the foundation of Sylvia Perez Productions, a multi-faceted company specializing in video production and event planning for non-profits.


  • Chris Alexander says:

    Congratulations on the FOX32 opportunity. Looking forward to seeing you back on air with a great FOX team.

  • Karen Kerbis says:

    Congratulations on your new position!
    We are all looking forward to watching you!!

  • Dorothy Rodriguez says:

    This is so cool. You and Mark. I love the combo. I cant wait for the Saturday show.

  • Gelasia Croom says:

    Congratulations!! You’re right, a great fit! I enjoy FOX 32 and as a PR person, they’ve given us a lot of love, and at a non-profit you know how valuable this is. Hope to work with you there!

  • Jill K Amoni says:

    Sylvia….I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful your program was this morning! I am THRILLED. I have all but given up on watching anything from mainstream because there is so much bias and can I be blunt…CRAP…but for some reason I had the TV on this morning on NBC and per usual, had to forego it because of its lack of neutrality in reporting the news. Then, I thought, hmmmm…I’ll see what in on 32. Immediately and I do mean immediately, I was captivated by your confidence and your enthusiasm as you delivered very interesting stories that were all uplifting…
    I had largely felt abandoned as my choices have dwindled. I now have a Saturday morning program of wonder to look forward to!! So interesting to learn about artists and bat makers. You radiate all that is good! I don’t know your politics and that suits me just fine! I am watching to be informed with facts, not opinions! Keep up the GREAT work…this morning rocked because of YOU and your presence!

    • Sylvia Perez Sylvia Perez says:

      Wow! Jill, I am so touched and deeply flattered by your kind words. It really means a lot to me. I am happy to be back. During my break I started my own video production company and decided from that point that I want to tell good stories that have a social impact and make a difference if I ever came back. Well, here I am and that’s what I’m doing. For you to take the time to reach out and comment means the world to me. Keep watching please because I hope it only gets better from here. We already have some great things lined up coming up the pipeline. Again, I can’t thank you enough. You have made my day. Sincerely, Sylvia Perez

  • Emmitt says:

    MY wife and I are glad to see you back….much success….

  • Dave Winikates says:

    You are a class act Sylvia. Us Chicagoans are lucky to have you back on tv.

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