Heavy Hitters: Promotion of the Anita Alvarez Interview

Heavy Hitters with Sylvia Perez
Sylvia Perez on NBC 5 Chicago

First stop was the news studio at NBC 5 Chicago, where Lauren Petty asked about the trauma suffered by the Alvarez children.

August 1st is always a special day for me. It’s been my anniversary for the past 30+ years with my husband whom I’ve known since I was a teenager. But this August 1st was even more special. I launched my new web series “Heavy Hitters.”

First segment: The controversy surrounding outgoing Cook County State’s Anita Alvarez. I talked to Alvarez about her feelings as she prepares to leave office, voted out and universally criticized for not moving faster to prosecute police misconduct in the Laquan McDonald shooting death.

I’ve been doing the media promotion circuit for a couple of days. Interviews with NBC5 Chicago, WCIU-TV and WGN Radio.

Melissa Forman, Jeanne Sparrow, Sylvia Perez WCIU You and Me

WCIU “You and Me” is a familiar early morning call, since I substitute for Jeanne Sparrow (center) or Melissa Forman often. They invited me today to talk about reaction to the Alvarez story.

You can see the full interview I did with my first Heavy Hitter Anita Alvarez on my website and You Tube Channel. But if you want to get more of an inside perspective on what was involved, here’s a link to the debrief interview I did with Jeanne Sparrow and Melissa Forman. It’s a behind-the-scenes look of what was involved and what took place during the actual 2-hour interview with Alvarez. Let me know what you think.

The conversation (approx. 12 minutes) on WGN Radio focused on the circumstances that put Alvarez at the eye of the storm. >>Listen to my chat with Roe and Anna here.


Anna Davlantes, Roe Conn, Sylvia Perez, WGN Radio

Roe Conn and Anna Davlantes had interesting thoughts about Alvarez’ account of the McDonald case. I was on their WGN Radio show the afternoon of Aug. 1.

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