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Have you ever heard of Gold Star Families?


gold star banners

They paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Now is your chance to say Thank You!



The Gold Star emblem became popular during WWI as a symbol gold star pinson flags and banners flown by families who lost loved ones during the war. It allowed members of the community to know someone had died in the fight for freedom. Today, the modern version of these are the Gold Star Pins. They are worn in honor of a loved one who has lost their life during combat or active duty.



I learned about these through an inspiring former Marine by the name of Jim Frazier.

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I interviewed Jim for the half hour special I’m working on called “Homeland Heroes: Tragedy to Triumph.” Jim lost his son Jacob in Afghanistan in 2003. Jim now spends his time reaching out to other Gold Star Families providing help and support. You will soon see his personal story on my website under current projects.



He wants people to recognize these pins and to know when they see someone wearing one, it is okay to approach the family member. Jim says he loves talking about his son and is truly honored when someone notices his lapel pin. He told me, “I’ve had it happen a few times where someone has come up to me and said I see your pin, I know what it is. Thank you for your families sacrifice.” Jim says, “that touched me, then I knew there are strangers out there who actually recognize the sacrifice and there is no bigger sacrifice.”

Thank You Jim Frazier, not only for your service and your families sacrifice but for giving back and helping  raise awareness about Gold Star Families.

Watch The Pin:

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