5 Easy Steps to Fearless Public Speaking

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It’s considered the greatest fear a person can have. Even greater than the fear of death. It’s called glossophobia. 75% of the population suffers from glossophobia, also known as the fear of public speaking.

As a public figure I am often asked to give presentations and emcee different events.

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I have to admit, even after all these years I still have a bit of the jitters before I take the stand but it doesn’t last long. For too many individuals the idea of speaking in front of a group of people, large or small, can leave them paralyzed with fear.



I say it’s all in your approach. Preparation and practicing are key. Why do some people seem so natural while others so awkward? I guarantee you in most cases it’s because those who excel have put a lot of work into it.

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When I conduct my coaching sessions I like to give examples of the best and worst speakers. The best speakers all have one thing in common. They own their speech because they’ve practiced not once or twice but a lot more.


So here’s some basic tips to help you overcome that fear, excel at public speaking, and who knows, maybe even enjoy yourself.

1. Prepare in Advance. One week before your speech start working on  your outline and start writing

2 .Weave a story. Figure out who your audience is, tell a personal story they can not only relate to but will find interesting

3. Practice. Rewrite and fine tune, then practice speech again. It’s okay to use notes but make sure you’ve practiced enough so you don’t spend too much time looking down.

4. Take deep cleansing breaths. Do this before you start. Before you hit the podium.This is so important and it really works. It will help calm you down and lessen the nerves.

5. Finally, Have Fun. It may seem impossible but if you’ve done the above you should be good.  You wrote a thoughtful speech, made it relatable, fine tuned, practiced and taken your cleansing breaths.

Now it’s time for YOU to relax and enjoy the presentation you’re about to give as much as your audience will.

Which of these tips makes the most sense to you? Can you share tips that may have helped you personally?

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  • Susan Noble says:

    These are such great tips my biggest issue is not so much the speaking but interviews on television I tend to blink an awful lot and seem nervous at times. I know practice makes perfect. I need to work with you when I move back home to Chicago Sylvia 🙂

    • Sylvia Perez Sylvia Perez says:

      My number one tip is to always take those cleansing breaths and calm yourself down before an appearance. It makes you more relaxed and that comes across on TV.

  • Jose Rodriguez says:

    Awesome, I will try these tips and try to have fun.

    • Sylvia Perez Sylvia Perez says:

      It really is fun. It’s also uplifting and gives you confidence. Preparation is everything. Good luck Jose!

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