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After-school Art: The Simple Good

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Sylvia Perez introduces You & Me to a social entrepreneur who is using art to help at-risk youth. Founder Priya Shah tells us all about ‘The Simple Good.’¬† A young Chicago Woman is bringing art to at-risk youth. And with that comes hope and a whole new attitude to make their neighborhoods better.

After-school Art: The Simple Good

Planning a Fundraiser? What You Need to Know

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How many times have you been to a fundraising event where the speakers drag on and the video presentations seem to continue forever? I know it’s happened to all of us.

I’ve emceed and attended enough charitable events to know when one is a success or a bust. I often get asked to emcee and I’m given scripts to read that are detailed, long and basically thank everyone from the president to the janitors.

Well, maybe not really but my point is the biggest problem with most fundraisers:they are long winded and just plain boring. So what’s a charitable organization to do?

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