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Challenge Coins

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Have you ever heard of a “Challenge Coin”? It’s a term used by the military and service providers to describe special custom made coins that symbolize their unit identity and brotherhood. Each coin has meaning, usually bearing symbols or mottos that show affiliation to a specific group or unit.

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Supper With Sylvia – Piccolo Sogno

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Is it summer yet? I mean weather wise. You wouldn’t know it in Chicago. We’ve had so much rain there hasn’t been a chance to really enjoy the outdoors. But that’s not stopping me from bringing you number two in my list of must go-to-outdoor dining spots. It’s all part of my Supper With Sylvia Series. These are not listed in priority of their deliciousness. I find them all to be equally amazing.

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Living In The Moment

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They say the first step in curing an addiction is admitting to it. So here it goes. Okay! I am an Internet Addict. Or am I? You know how sometimes you have this bad habit that you clearly know about but keep doing? Then someone you love tells you it’s time to stop.

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